Hampstead Huud is a free app, exclusively for those who live or work in Hampstead, Frognal and West Hampstead


Find out what your neighbours recommend is best to do in Hampstead


Meet your Hampstead neighbours and find common interests


Become part of the local community – what could you offer?

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Keep up to date with as many of the local groups, or start your own!


Your voice is heard & valued here- what’s on your mind in Hampstead?


How can we as a community improve Hampstead? Let’s discuss!

People behind Hampstead Huud

We’re a small, passionate team who LOVE Hampstead and are thrilled to be leading the way in developing the first ‘exclusive-to-Hampstead’ App!

Hristo Ditchev

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur Hristo founded Hampstead HuuD when he noticed London had started to lose its friendly neighbourhood atmosphere! He even has exciting plans to launch the concept elsewhere in 2014, with investors already interested…

Will Britton

Co-Founder & CTO

Passionate about finding novel ways for software to change the world for the better, Will brings his extensive industry experience in software development & product management to bear on making the Hampstead Huud experience a great one for its users.

Chris Foster

Marketing & Communication

Coming from a strategic & creative marketing background, Chris is leading the launch rollout of Hampstead Huud throughout the local community. He is also the primary contact for communication with local businesses, groups & media.

  • Find Hampstead locals interested in your own favourite hobbies, interests or sports. Then either discuss, interact, meet or form your own Huud group together for other Hampstead locals to find.

  • Hear your Hampstead neighbours’ reviews & recommendations of fantastic (or not-so-fantastic…) nearby restaurants, events and pubs to help you decide what to visit next in your neighbourHuud!

  • Receive regularly changing exclusive offers, discounts and deals from a whole bunch of Hampstead shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and services! Receive local deals to your phone and check them out only when you want to, without being pestered.

Hampstead Huud FAQ

Is this exclusive to people living & working in Hampstead?

Yes ! Hampstead Huud has been specifically designed to benefit only the locals and thus has a specific Hampstead, Frognal & West Hampstead GPS-radius which ensures only people within that radius can post comments on the App !

But Hampstead & West Hampstead are quite different..

Yes, we of course agree! However, in addition to being just the other side of Finchley Road, both areas are extremely community-driven and there is a strong crossover section between the two (in more ways than the name!)

Is this honestly, totally 100% free?

Yep. 100%. You won’t need to unlock/upgrade anything AND you won’t be see a single advertisement at this moment (or for the foreseeable future for that matter). This is for the benefit of the Hampstead community – it’s for everyone to utilise how they best see fit

I’m a local business or group – can I have my own profile?

Of course you can – we’d love to have you engaging with the other locals ! If you want to promote a specific deal or offer, Hampstead Huud is the perfect platform to do so (although excessive/obsessive posting will be moderated and perhaps removed to benefit the balance of posts)